Truckhenge Farm LLC

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Truckhenge is a concept of artist Ron Lessman. When the county told him to "pick up his trucks" he took them literally. He stood each of his creations up in 42,000 pounds of concrete. 

From there the art park grew into beer bottle city, and boathenge. Along with the home that has art covering almost every square inch and the dozens of chainsaw carvings. 

The art park is open from 8AM to 8PM 7 days a week. Calling ahead is suggested so that you can ensure your amazingly cheeky tour experience. 

The property also features a 30-acre cat fish pond, multiple camping areas, and an outdoor shooting range. 

The Lessmans also own a clean rubble and brush dump where you can pay to leave your brush, rock, dirt, and concrete. 


The fish are always biting in our magnificent 30-acre pond. The kinds of fish you will find are catfish, crappie, perch, blue gill, and bass.  No fishing license required, open all year round. Fee is $10 per person per day for adults and kids 12 and over. 


Art Park

The Art Park began with Truckhenge and from there expanded to 10 acres of trucks, carvings, and paintings to explore. Come take a tour and hear all the wonderful stories from the owners and feel free to leave your mark on everything except the trucks. 

If you are looking for a unique place to do a photo shoot feel free to come out. Sessions are $10 a piece. 





Shooting Park

Got a new rifle, handgun, or shotgun? Want to shoot it without fear of hitting your neighbor (or the cops hitting you)?  

We have the perfect spot for you! Nestled in the crook of the Kansas river outside of city limits all firearms welcome. 

$10 per person per day.